Rattlesnake Skeleton Mirror

Rattlesnake Skeleton

Red Rose Wreath Mirror (with Mourning Cloak Butterfly)

Red Rose Wreath

Freedom Mirror


White Rose Wreath Mirror (with Mourning Cloak Butterflies)

White Rose Wreath

Snake Skeleton Ouroboros Mirror

Snake Skeleton Ouroboros

Round and oval decorative mirrors. Each one is a work of art. The round decorative mirrors are  papier-mâché built around a 6″ diameter glass mirror. The Freedom mirror is constructed from  papier-mâché, salvaged barbed wire, and cedar roses (pine cones from the cedras deodar tree) around a 9″ oval glass mirror. Two white roses are painted on the surface of the glass. The White Rose Wreath Mirror and the Freedom mirror are available for sale. The others are sold.

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