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Small occasional tables where fun meets function. Like a circus act, these hardworking elephants, and monkeys a will steal the show in your living room. Each table is an original work of art designed, sculpted and finished by the artist. Indoor use only.

The tables are approximately 18″ tall and support a 20″ round glass table top.

A Question of Balance captures the moment of transition between sky and sea, flying and floating. To succeed, this sculpture, like the swan, must bridge two worlds: form and function, durability and delicacy.

Is there beauty in that awkward moment? Is gravity defied? Will it hold a glass of water, a bowl of fruit, a lamp? The mute swan asks these questions with the crook of its neck. Only you have the answers.


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  1. wendy baker
    Nov 11, 2014

    love the conceptual idea of these tables.


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