Bumble Pig

Bumble Pig (bombus porcina)

As you may know, Monsanto Gardens has been busy developing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) specifically designed to bring joy to the world. The one-and-only Pignome*, is responsible for tending his drift of Laughing Pig Flowers*. To reproduce, Laughing Pig Flowers require a very special kind of pollination by a very special kind of bee. Like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, and squash, Laughing Pig Flowers must be “buzz pollinated“. For those lesser fruits and vegetables bumble bees are required to do the job. Your regular old honey bee just can’t shake its booty like a bumble bee. (To see them in action, click here.)

Because our native bumble bees face extinction, Monsanto Gardens had the foresight to genetically engineer a bumble bee drone for the sole purpose of buzz pollinating its Laughing Pig Flowers…Bumble Pig* to the rescue! Bumble pig (Bombus porcina)…better living through science.

*patent pending


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